Thursday, 4 July 2013

DIY Interesting Patterns and Backgrounds using Washi Tapes

Hello Lovely ladies,

                  Me back with another post today. The Winners for the last challenge announced- please scroll down to see if you are one of them! ;).  Do participate in our challenge this month - Trash to Treasure using Washi tapes. There are some wonderful inspirations from DT to get you started :) Believe me, recycling with Washi Tape can be fastest and easiest thing you can do!

              I wanted to show some Yummy projects using the already Yummy washis and  that does not take much effort - Some interesting patterns and Backgrounds that can be created using Washi Tapes:)

This one is simple and easy way of creating BG.. Divide square cardstock into 4 and tape it horizontally and Vertically  - alternate.

Fill entire piece of paper with tapes, punch circles or any other shapes and arrange them as you like
Supplies used Washi tapes, Spellbinder Label 4, Oval and Mulberry flower

 Simply cover half of the card with tapes and leave the rest blank.
Supplies used Washi Tapes,Memories Dieverion Die,Nail art flowers

 Another simple(do I repeat this same word often? could nt help..really) Die cut flower arranged card

Draw lines using pencil(measure equal distance) and simple cover the area with the Tapes
Supplies used : Washi tapes, Nellie Snellen Doily circle set,PTI sentiment

For this I followed Bargello technique - Check out tutorial in my blog.

I love this card - It has quilt like effect.. I will be honest.It took me sometime to finish this card :) Draw lines in diagonals and and in the center.Find a point at equal distance on the diagonal line and draw a pattern as shown below.

Supplies used : Washi Tapes, Spellbinder label, PTI sentiment.

Tip: The color of the cardstock below the tape matters - for the kind of look you want to give your projects.. For happy color cards like the above, use white background CS , to see the colors pop out much brighter.

Hope you like these cards.. I am just curious to know which one you ppl like, do leave that in your comment.If time permits, I shall meet you back with more patterns :)

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  1. wow all are amazing.thanx for sharing

  2. What beautiful patterns.......and lovely cards done with those designs ....thanks Priya for this beautiful post

  3. Love the patterns with washi Priya...specially the bargello and quilt ones !!


  5. Very beautiful patterns priya, love all the patterns and thanks for the wonderful post !

  6. Hi priya, love all the patterns you have posted each one is different. Thanks for the wonderful post !

  7. Priya - you inspire me with all your creations. Loved them all. So pretty!

  8. Amazing BG Priya.............the washi tapes are mouthwatering!!!

  9. oh wow.So many are super creative.I am so glad that you decided to contribute here.I finally get to see your work too.:-)

  10. Thank you for sharing such awesome ideas :)

  11. Hello.. Can these tapes be used as decoupage napkins.?


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